Zero Waste Europe 2015

Videos from the ZW Europe 2015 Conference

  1. For “Outstanding Environmental Achievement in Europe” the 2013 Golden Environmental Prize for the  was awarded to   Rossano Ercolini, of Capanori, Italy.

  2. Rossano Ercolini is a primary school teacher who became a Zero Waste activist when an incinerator was planned for his town of Capannori in Northern Italy. Judi Logue & Jim Keys of Zero Waste North West met him at the 2015 Zero Waste Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. What was evident from the conference was that the transformation Rossano inspired in Italy is a wave spreading across Europe. This is a powerful message of hope from Northern Italy to Northern Ireland via Bulgaria.

    1. Later we made a longer edit of  Judi’s interview with Rossano Ercolini, in which he coined the phrase “People Need Winning Stories:  With Zero Waste people are winning,  community is winning, democracy is winning, Zero Waste is the beginning of a new deal for people and their  communities” 
  3. Enzo Favoino, Chair of Scientific Committee of Zero Waste Europe on why people should come to the Countdown To Zero Conference in Derry on the 22nd June organised by Zero Waste North West.
  4. Joan Marc Simon, Director of Zero Waste Europe speaking on why people in the north of Ireland, politicians, waste managers, business people, and the local citizenry should be coming to the COUNTDOWN TO ZERO conference. The conference is being organised by Zero Waste North West to explain and jump start a zero waste approach to the waste generation crisis in Northern Ireland and the island as a whole.
  5. Camille Duran, from Green White Space, presented a talk at the Zero Waste Europe conference that  examined the economic context for zero waste as part of a larger “sharing economy” in a globalised world.  Here he talks to Jim Keys on the margins of the conference.  Green White Space supports projects and organisations such as:
    1.  The Green Exchange: a monthly podcast, that hosts discussions featuring international experts, researchers and city officials to discuss successful projects and strategies to inspire and inform work in other regions.
    2. Organic Stream:  Provides training materials,  for local governments, agriculture and businesses in an effort to bring their influencers up to speed on the subject of  reclaiming organic “waste”.
    3. Station 202: A consultancy company a not-for-profit consultancy that was created by Green White Space to help public sector, local organisations and businesses perform in the new economy

    You can hear more from Camille on  The Green Exchange Podcast