Zero Waste Links

A Collection of web pages with useful information and insights on Zero Waste.

  1. Zero Waste is a target that can be achieved.  The town of Hernani in the Basque Country shows what is possible in a very short time.
    “In 2002, the regional waste management consortium in Spain’s Gipuzkoa Province, faced with a nearly full landfill, proposed building two new incinerators. Citizens strongly opposed the incinerators and prevented one from being built and the new party elected in 2011 stopped the second one. Hernani and two other small cities in the region established an ambitious program of door-to-door collection of source-separated waste, including organics. The amount of waste going to the landfill in places where the Zero Waste strategy has been embraced has been reduced by 80 percent. With new political leadership opposed to incineration, door-to-door collection is expanding throughout the region.” Read more
  2. Paul Connett’s book: “The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a time”.  Available from all good bookshops and Online
  3. Processing Organics: – the Story of Organic Waste Recovery.   Zero Waste Europe has an interview with the Camille Duran the Executive Director of  the website that promotes sustainable approaches to organic waste.  Amongst other things Compostory has just launched a database of companies who can support communities with their resource recovery programs.  In 2015 was re-launched under the name:  Organicstream.
  4. Zero Waste at Home – challenging the individual household to step up to the challenge of moving towards Zero Waste.  The Zero Waste Home  is Bea Johnston’s blog about her Zero Waste lifestyle.  Yes it is possible.   We have our own local example in the form of  Sara’s Blog on her personal pilot trial of running a Zero Waste Home here in Derry.The Zero Waste Diet is a UK initiative that challenges each household to treat reducing household waste like going on a diet. Can YOU take the Zero Waste Diet Challenge?
  5. Positive examples of “Energy from Waste” the right way:
  6. Zero Waste Europe: Principles of Zero Waste which includes:
    “Waste is the expression of a badly designed economy and a Zero Waste approach is the only one that can bring sustainability to European waste practices.”
  7. Zero Waste Europe: Set of Case Studies
  8. The Campaign for Real Recycling  the group campaigning for proper separation-at-source recycling in the UK.
  9. The Story of Stuff  video is listed in our our Zero Waste Videos page.  It comes from the Story of Stuff project that has developed a whole collection of videos and other resources
  10.  Zero Waste organisations:
  11. Local recycling companies: