Tens Steps – Examples

Waste At the  9th Zero Waste International Alliance Conference and Dialogue,  Paul Connett presented the “Illustrated Colour Version” of his Ten Steps to Zero with photographs from around the world illustrating Zero Waste in action.

On October 2-4 2014 in Nanaimo BC, Zero Waste Canada hosted the 9th Zero Waste International Alliance Conference and Dialogue. The event was fully subscribed because of the overwhelming support for authentic Zero Waste solutions. Local grassroots folks and organizations joined together with professional speakers, consultants, engineers and government, who came from around the world to Nanaimo BC, a community that is being considered as the location for one of Metro Vancouver’s incinerators. This of course is part of Metro Van’s bogus “zero waste” plan. To speak out about the high-jacking of the term Zero Waste and to showcase authentic solutions that are working around the world ZWIA.org and ZeroWasteCanada.ca brought the conversation to Nanaimo.