Zero Waste Resources

There is a world wide movement towards Zero Waste.

We have gathered here all sorts of resources that are useful in the campaign to move  local policy and practice towards zero waste.  They are accessible from the Zero Waste Resources menu above.  The resources are also described below.

Zero Waste Resources include:

  • Videos from the 2015 Zero Waste Europe conference. ZWNW delegates have just returned from the conferences more videos will be added to that page as they are edited.
  • Paul Connet’s 10 steps to Zero Waste  that page consists of 10 short videos edited out of an hour long talk, one video for each of the ten steps.
  • Ten Steps – examples.  At the  9th Zero Waste International Alliance Conference and Dialogue,  Paul Connett presented the “Illustrated Colour Version” of his Ten Steps to Zero with photographs from around the world illustrating Zero Waste in action.
  • Sara’s Blog on a her personal challenge to have a “Zero Waste Home in Derry”
  •  Zero Waste Videos – a collection of some the online videos that present the arguments for Zero Waste and some inspiring case studies.
  • Zero Waste Video Archive – this gives access to our complete catalogue of videos.  From that page you can click on any of the “tags” below a video to get other videos with the same tag.
  • useful links  a catalogue of web pages with useful information and insights on Zero Waste.
  • Paul Connett’s book:
    “The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a time”. Available from all good bookshops and Online