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An Alternative to Sanitary Towels and Tampons

At the beginning of my Zero Waste experiment I purchased a Mooncup in Boots, Foyleside for just under 22 pounds.  I had heard of them years ago but I never really thought about making the change until I started thinking about Zero Waste.  Like disposbale nappies, sanitary towels and tampons are just more readily available.  They are advertised on TV and magazines, we are introduced to them by our mothers and school teachers and they are in every corner shop and supermarket.  Yet, we are never taught about the pollution caused by the manufacture and disposal of these products which either end up in landfill or the sea.

Advantages of the Mooncup

  • As a one-off purchase that will last for years it will save you a fortune.  22 Pounds may seem a lot, but how much do we spend per year on disposable products?
  • It is healthier for you as most sanitary products contain bleaches or pesticides.
  • Tampons can leave fibres behind that dry you out and cause infections.
  • Anyone who has used tampons will have seen that they come with a Toxic Shock Syndrome warning.
  • It’s a Zero Waste product, you won’t be sending anything to landfill or sea each month.  It even comes in recyclable packaging!
  • Toxic chemicals are released into the environment during the manufacture of tampons and sanitary towels which are made from synthetic petrochemical materials.

Nature Walk at Culmore Point

Last Tuesday I went for a walk to Culmore Point after leaving my son at nursery, intending to take some photographs of rubbish on the beach.  We have lived here for six months and we soon learned after our first walk out to the Point that it’s not a nice place to bring the children, because it is full of garbage.  There were beer cans, plastic spoons, toys, containers and ironically a carrier bag with the message “keep calm and carry on”.  However, I had never really stopped to notice what the main component of this trash was: sanitary towels, they were everywhere.  I took a photo of each and every one of them and at home I counted about 40 photographs.   Local people tell me that the River Foyle is disgusting and polluted, to me this is absolutely unacceptable. I want to be able to enjoy a walk by the Lough and bring my children there so I am sending my pictures to the council and local environmental groups to see what can be done about it.

After my experience at Culmore Point I am more adamant than ever on using the Mooncup.
I haven’t tried it yet but here is a very complete and informative review by a woman who has been using it for five years. (Some strong language at the beginning of the video).

Mooncup Review by Freelee

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