No to Incineration, yes to Zero Waste

Anti-incineration Videos

Professor Vyvyan Howard: Dangers of Gasification

Professor Vyvyan Howard  a toxiopathologist specialising in the study of nano-particles, including those released by incinerators explains The  Dangers of Gasification Incineration 

A good Introduction to the issues from campaigners in Ontario, Canada.

Energy from Waste: Part 1 -The Myths Debunked

Dr. Paul Connett and others oppose the government of Ontario’s plan to burn waste for energy supply.
Part 1 of a series from the press conference of March 29, 2007.

Part 2: Markham Councillor Erin Shapiro speaks on her city’s
remarkable waste reduction program, with plans for a zero waste program on the radar. Barbara Halsall speaks about Halton’s incineration plans.

Part 3:  Dr Paul Connett answers questions in the Press Gallery of Queen’s Park about the common misconceptions surrounding the garbage incineration issue.