Ten Good Reasons for Zero Waste

If you are not for Zero Waste, then how much waste are you for?’  EU Zero Waste Alliance

  1. Zero Waste treats all products as resources to be used, reused, recycled or composted, not burned or buried.
  2. Zero Waste stops the emission of methane from landfill sites and toxic nano-particles from incinerators.
  3. Zero Waste stops the dumping of plastic in the oceans.
  4. Zero Waste empowers communities in taking charge of their own health and the health of the environment.
  5. Zero Waste enables communities to work with local authorities, businesses and universities in creative and practical partnerships for sustainable living..
  6. Zero Waste creates at least ten times as many jobs as conventional waste management.
  7. Zero Waste opens up possibilities for innovative product and packaging design.
  8. Zero Waste opens up possibilities for social entrepreneurs in creating new retail models.
  9. Zero Waste shifts the paradigm from long-term expensive fixed-contract solutions to adaptive, flexible, cost-effective solutions.
  10. Zero Waste shifts the paradigm from big centrally controlled solutions to small locally managed solutions.

Zero Waste makes sense.