Suppliers of Sustainable Straws

There are many sustainable straw options.  They can be made of cleanable re-usable materials or disposable compostable materials.

The compostable straws need to end up in composted waste not recyclable nor residual.

The re-usable straws can be cleaned – some come with special  tools for doing that – some are simply dishwasher safe.

Whichever options you choose there are a range of sources both for bulk supplies and for consumers:

    1. Eco Strawz Sell wholesale packs of straws in a wide variety of materials (Borosilicate Glass, Natural Bamboo, Natural Wheat, Stainless Steel, Straw Cleaning Brushes)
    2. Eco Strawz also sell their range in consumer sized packs.
    3. EcoStraws (with an ‘s’) has small, consumer sized, packs (4 or 5) bamboo and stainless steel straws.
    4. Etsy (Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Natural Bamboo … individual and packs of 100)
    5. Cater4You (biodegradable in packs of 1,000-10,000)
    6. Wholesale paper Straws UK (Biodegradable paper straws – packs of 5,000)
    7. The Disposable Straw company (based in London, they will give retailers a quote)
    8. Enviro-pack has Biodegradable straws in packs of 500.
    9. BioPac (packs of 1,000 compostable paper straws)
    10. The Zero Waste shop has packs of three stainless steel straws.
    11. Brennan Catering Supplies, based in Waterford, sell paper straws in packs of 500 in: Red and White or Green and White.
    12. Paper wrapped PLA (polylactic acid) straws are available from Greenman packaging who also have lots of other Straws.
    13. Local wholesaler Musgrave will be stocking paper straws from April 2018.


Sustainable Packaging

  1. Compostable Plastics principles
  2. PLA (polylactic acid) is made from a corn derived bio polymer, they are biodegradable and should be composted after use, not mixed with recyclables or residual waste.  Cold Drinks cups and lids
  3. Greenman Packaging has a full range of materials for take aways and catering.
  4. Enviro-pack has a wide range of catering supplies, including:  compostable cutlery,    take away containers,  compostable cups and delivery bags and containers. They also do custom branded packaging.
  5. Loliware  make edible (compostable) cups for cold drinks and are developing an edible straw.  Doesn’t seem to be available yet outside the USA but a recent article in Wired suggests that seaweed based cups and straws are the future.