Say Naw to Straws (Retailers)

Easy Steps for a Retailer To Be Plastic Straw Free

    1. Choose your option:
      1. No straws on premises (with a sign to explain why)
        [We think that this is the Best Option … but you decide.]
      2. Straws behind counter; Reusable straws on request.
      3. Straws behind counter; Paper Straws on request.
      4. Straws behind counter; Biodegradable straws on request.
      5. Straws behind counter; Plastic straws given on request
    2. Will you charge for your requested straws (deposit/fee)?
    3.  If you choose reusable straws (best financially) which type?
      • Stainless Steel
      • Silicone
      • Bamboo
      • Glass
    4. Order from your supplier (a list of suppliers of sustainable straws).
    5. Display the Sticker and Info Sheet Provided (or make your own).
    6.  Inform all of your staff about new protocol for straws.
    7. Let your customers know – make a Facebook/twitter post about your change.
    8. Contact Zero Waste North West so that we can publicise your business by adding it to the Straw-Free Derry map – be sure to include:
      • the full postal address of your business
      • the address of the webpage to which you want us to link.
    9. Feel proud of your contribution to a happier planet.