Customers Say Naw to Straws


To save our oceans we need to stop using straws.

 Trailer for the Straws documentary.

Facts about Plastic Straws

  1. Straws are in the top 10 items of marine debris
  2. 500+ million straws are used worldwide, daily!!
  3. Plastic kills 1 million seabirds every year.
  4. Plastic straws are made from oil— a fossil fuel
  5. Plastic straws NEVER go away

Only request a straw if you really need one.

There are lots of places where you can buy your own re-usable straw.  If you can’t find one locally they are available online.   Some of those suppliers provide bulk quantities of compostable straws others will sell you a stainless steel, ceramic, glass or bamboo straw.  They even sell tiny brushes for cleaning your new straw! Mostly they are dishwasher safe also.

The opening animation to the Straws film.