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I am halfway through my second week of my Zero Waste Home experiment. I have come to understand that becoming a Zero Waste home cannot happen overnight and it would probably take me six months to a year to finish using and find replacements for all the products and items that are non recyclable. I still have toothpaste tubes and a cupboard full of plastic bags as well as  countless other items all over the house.  Nevertheless, my black bin won’t be going out at the end of the week, as it is almost empty.

Seasonal Veg Box from White Oaks Organic Farm.

Seasonal Veg Box from White Oaks Organic Farm.

I want to continue with this experiment as it has been a positive journey so far.  The most exciting discovery I have made during the past couple of weeks is White Oaks Organic Farm which sells seasonal vegetable boxes for seven pounds. They only deliver to Donegal so I cycled down this morning from Culmore with my three-year-old on the back of my bike.  The box the vegetables come in is polystyrene but I had brought my own bags so I left it with them.  The potatoes came in a plastic bag but I was too tired from cycling to do anything about it.  I might be able to wash it and recycle it at Sainsbury’s, or re-use it. These vegetables are of high quality, organic and the plastic is minimal so I am over the moon to have found an alternative to shopping in the supermarket.

Zero Waste Home - Blog

Zero Waste Home – Blog