News of Zero Waste

News of our Petition

Our petition to Derry City Council is rapidly approaching 1,000 signatures.  There are almost 200 online and in three Saturday lunchtime sessions in Derry city centre  we collected more than 750 signatures on paper.   We are planning to present the first 1,000 signatures to a representative of Derry City Council next week.

In the News

Today, some of  the issues around the new incinerator got a bit of coverage on Radio Foyle.

Breakfast News

The Radio Foyle. breakfast news show covered some of the irregularities around the lack of planning consultation.   The DOE responded to them saying that the failure to announce the planning approval for the incinerator was the “result of an administrative oversight”. They went on to say that the DOE would have an internal investigation into how this happened.

What they didn’t say was how they were going to belatedly fulfill their responsibilities to consult with the local community.

The programme also featured extracts of an interview with our own Jim Keys who raised some of the environmental issues.  You can find the  programme on the BBC iPlayer

It is mentioned in the headlines at 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00 as a “planning mix up at waste processing plant” (or words to that effect).  They came back to it in more depth between 8:30 and 8:45 and then it was mentioned when they cited calls and texts from listeners between 8:45 and 9:00.

For easier access we have edited out three sections:


Radio Foyle Lunchtime

The issues came up again on the Lunchtime News show hosted by Mark Patterson.  He interviewed Eamonn McCann who raised the issues of lack of consultation.   The whole programmes is available on BBC iPlayer .   However to make it easier we have edited out the piece where Mark Patterson interviews Alan Strong a lecturer in Engineering from University of Ulster and Eamon McCann.

It last about 17 minutes:  MarkPattersonShow_17Mins_McCann