Eamonn McCann People Before Profit

Eamonn McCann (PBP) on Q1

What is your policy on gasification/energy from waste plants?

Eamonn McCann (PBP) on Q2

Do you support a Zero Waste circular economy? If so what are doing presently to move towards it and what do you plan to do to move towards it if and when you are elected?

Eamonn McCann (PBP) on Q3

What is your position on the solution to the illegal dump on the Mobouy Road site?

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Please Note

We invited all the candidates to respond to these three questions.  The responses here are the ones we have received so far.

Candidates who have not responded have been sent  reminder emails.  We will do what we can to add late responses from any of the other candidates who want to add their views.

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