Flashmob against Incineration

Dance for Clean Air AND Against Incineration.

Be part of the Climate Change solution!

Dust off your dancing shoes. Warm up your vocal chords and join us in a fun flashmob dance and song.

Sat 12th March 2016 Cornmarket Belfast 2-4pm


In his introduction to the recent Consultation on Climate Change legislation for Northern Ireland, Minister for the Environment Mark H Durkan said:

“Climate change is one of the most serious threats we face today, not only to our environ- ment, but to our economic prosperity and global security and (it) has the power to affect us no matter where we live.”

How changing waste management practices could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs:


Sustainability is the most crucial challenge our civilization has faced since the beginning of the industrial revolution. On a finite planet we cannot run a throwaway society indefinitely.

If everyone took that first vital step of keeping their discarded materials separate then they could join the movement which would move the world in a sustainable direction.

Most of the money goes into creating local jobs and local businesses, thereby staying in the community and the country.

There are estimates that a combination of recycling and composting reduces global warming gases some 46 times more than incineration generating electricity


Every time a community builds a trash incin- eration it sets back the real solutions by 25 years – the time it takes to pay back the massive investment involved.

Three/four times more energy is used by burn- ing materials rather than recycling them.

The huge amount of money spent on incin- eration goes into machinery (over half the capital cost is needed for air pollution control) and most of it leaves the country in the pock- ets of the multinational companies.

Because every object in commerce is likely to end up in an incinerator any toxic element used in these products is likely to end up in the nanoparticles. There are NO regulations in the world for the monitoring nanoparticles from incinerators.

For more information on Zero Waste or to get involved in the Flashmob contact: marianfarrell@mac.com



A rehearsal for the flashmob will take place at 2.30pm in the Friends of the Earth car park,  7 Donegal Street Place, Belfast before heading over to Cornmarket Square.

You can download a leaflet about this event: Front Page and Back Page.

If you would like to learn the song in advance you can also download the lyrics