Derry – Worst District Council for Recycling

Derry City Council has lowest recycling figure out of 26 Councils

Derry City Council (DCC) has the lowest rate of recycling and diversion from landfill in Northern Ireland at 26.9%.  This compares to the highest, Banbridge, at 61.1%, and a total recycling rate for Northern Ireland of 43%.

Furthermore, DCC’s recycling rate has actually fallen by 5.7 % since 2008.  During the same period, all other councils in Northern Ireland, without exception, increased their recycling rate, by an average of 10%.  These figures pose questions that DCC should answer:

  • Is all the waste that Derry householders diligently put into recycling bins, or take to recycling centres, actually being recycled by Derry City Council, or is some of it being sent to landfill ?
  • Why have the brown bins, that other councils use for organic waste recycling, been locked up for years at the Strathfoyle recycling centre?  Is DCC’s position at the bottom of the recycling table due to incompetence, or a deliberate policy to undermine recycling as the primary waste management strategy, in order to justify gasification/incineration ?