Creating An Intelligent Economy: How the North West Can Lead The Way By Dr Peter Doran

Dr Doran was not able to be with us on the day, but he joined us via Skype.  He started by introducing  a video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation presenting an  Overview of the Circular Economy.

Then he played a video on the  initiative by Carnegie UK Trust and Queens University Belfast, School of Law to look at  “Wellbeing in Northern Ireland”

After the conference, Dr Doran recorded some remarks.


Dr Peter Doran lectures in Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development at the School of Law, Queens University Belfast. He led the joint initiative by  Carnegie UK Trust and Queens University Belfast, School of Law on “Wellbeing in Northern Ireland”.

He puts Zero Waste in a global economic context presenting the circular economy, with greener products and closed resource loops, as the sustainable response to population growth, urbanization and climate change.

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