Countdown to Zero


Countdown To Zero
The Benefits of Zero Waste & Moving Towards It, Now!

Monday 22nd June, City Hotel, Derry

The Zero Waste revolution is transforming the ‘waste’ industry across Europe. It is the only sustainable response to climate change and the increasing global demand for resources.

The conference will be opened By Mark H Durkan Minister for the Environment, at it you  will hear from experts and practitioners from mainland Europe, as well as local innovators leading the way to a circular economy through zero waste.

A Zero Waste approach understands ‘waste’ as resources, wasted. By moving us from a linear to a circular economy it delivers a cleaner environment while creating more business and job opportunities. This culture shift involves all of us; manufacturers, retailers, consumers, waste managers and local government.

This conference will set the region on the path to becoming a model for zero waste best practice. Through this model we will be providing and conserving resources to stay ahead of targets flowing from European Communiqués, delivering a viable and sustainable economy.

This is the time to play smart for Northern Ireland and these islands as a whole, time to move onto the high ground of sustainable, ethical and beautiful development.

This is a conference not to be missed!

The conference will be opened By Mark H Durkan Minister for the Environment, who said:

“Zero Waste North West is to be commended in rising to the challenge. This conference brings together delegates with a wide range of experience and ideas to promote the circular economy and a Zero Waste society.”

Conference highlights

Why Zero Waste By Joan Marc Simon

Joan Marc Simon is the Director of Zero Waste Europe. He is an economist by training and
an expert in EU waste legislation and European policy-making. He specialises in the field of resource and waste management. He calls on us to “redesign the economy phasing-out waste so that all the goods are designed to be repaired, reused, recycled or composted at the end of their life.”

How Zero Waste By Enzo Favoino

Enzo Favoino chairs the Scientific Committee of Zero Waste Europe. As a researcher based at Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza he has published influential research over 25 years on waste prevention, seperation and recycling, specialising in organic waste and composting. Enzo was one of the founders of the European Compost Network.

Creating An Intelligent Economy:
How the North West Can Lead The Way By Dr Peter Doran

Dr Peter Doran lectures in Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development at the School of Law, Queens University Belfast. He led the joint initiative by  Carnegie UK Trust and Queens University Belfast, School of Law on “Wellbeing in Northern Ireland”.

He puts Zero Waste in a global economic context presenting the circular economy, with greener products and closed resource loops, as the sustainable response to population growth, urbanization and climate change.


Recycling, A Blueprint For Northern Ireland By Eric Randall

Eric Randall, Director of Bryson Recycling says “The generation of quality materials is essential in any recycling collection system. Jobs created from reprocessing the materials are significant to the local economy”.

Bryson worked on designing the new recycling ‘wheelie box’ containers and ‘kerbsort’ vehicles. The Bryson model has been adopted by Antrim and Newtownabbey Councils and by the Welsh Government.



 Conference Programme

9.15am     Tea/Coffee Scones & registration

10.00am   Opening remarks
Mark H Durkan, Minister for the Environment

10.10am   Welcome and Introductions
Jim Keys, Zero Waste North West

10.25am   Why Zero Waste
What it is and why it is the only sustainable solution.
Joan Marc Simon, Director ZW Europe.

11.30am   How Zero Waste
Practical examples from across Europe of successfully implementing Zero Waste.
Enzo Favoino, Chair of Scientific Committee ZW Europe.

12.35pm-1.30pm   Lunch & Zero Waste Showcase

1.30pm     Recycling, A Blueprint For Northern Ireland Generating quality recycled materials is essential.
Jobs created from reprocessing materials are significant to the local economy.
Eric Randall, Director of Bryson Recycling.

2.10pm     Creating An Intelligent Economy:
How the North West Can Lead The Way
Dr Peter Doran, Lecturer in Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development

2.55pm     Coffee Break

3.10pm    Moving the Island Towards Zero WasteStarting Here, Starting Now!
A SWOT Analysis of the Strengths we must harness, the Weaknesses we must overcome, the Opportunities offered to us and the Threats we will face as we move to Zero Waste.
Facilitated by: Jim Keys & Joan Marc Simon

3.50pm     Closing remarks and next steps

4.00pm     Conference Ends

There will also be screenings of videos and exhibits from some participants.

This conference was organised by Zero Waste North West and was made possible through funding from CFNI (The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland) through their Community Planning Support Programme 2015.

Community Foundation for NI