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DIY Plastic Recycling

In this short video someone from the website Atomic Shrimp explains how to identify  High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and then goes on to present a hobby project in which, using domestic tools, he recycles a small quantity of HDPE into pieces that can be used in diverse craft projects.

Running time: 14 mins 50 sec.         Uploaded to YouTube: 7 Dec 2012.

It is by no means an industrial process but it is a practical exposition of some of the principles behind plastic recycling.  As such it might be the basis of some educational project work with young people – under proper supervision of course.

In his follow-up video he makes the resulting piece of plastic into a pulley wheel that works with Lego technic.

How Plastic Bottles get Recycled into Polyester

Plastic bottles can be recycled into polyester thread.  It is not a simple process. This video shows how it is done, all the way from when you throw away an unwanted plastic bottle, through the shredding washing and multistep processing until it becomes a material like raw cotton; from  there the process is more like textile manufacturing.

Running time 5 mins 30 sec       Uploaded to YouTube: 13 Dec 2009