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Global Day of Action Against Incineration and for Zero Waste

Tuesday 14th October is Global day of action against waste incineration and for zero waste.  So it seems like a good day to acknowledge all those who signed ZWNW’s petition opposing the gasifying incinerator proposal at Campsie, which in March of this year was shelved.

It is important now to keep up the momentum to move the North West towards a zero waste response to the waste generation crisis and continue to do our bit to oppose incineration everywhere, mindful that there are two more incinerator proposals in the North.

We need to wean ourselves and our society off the attitude that not just throws away things, but if it’s not transformed will throw away the future of precious human life on this beautiful planet.

Burning waste pollutes people and the planet, spewing dioxins into the atmosphere.

It contributes towards climate change by producing greenhouse gasses.

Zero Waste creates jobs, saves money and protects the planet.

Judi Logue

Chair of  ZWNW

Public Meeting Brooke Park

Zero Waste North West meeting  for Rosemount residents - Brooke Park Bowling Club

Zero Waste North West meeting for Rosemount residents – Brooke Park Bowling Club

What do we think about plans to build a gasification-incinerator?

Wednesday 27th November 2013 7.30 pm-9.30pm
Brooke Park Bowling Club House,

Plans to build a gasification-incinerator in Strathfoyle area have stirred memories of Du Pont’s attempt to build a toxic waste incinerator in the city in the early 90s.

That attempt was defeated by a city-wide campaign against the threat to make this city a centre for burning waste in a process that produced toxic fumes and ash as by-products.

Is it time to consider such a public campaign again, given that everyone shares the air affected by emissions from gasification-incineration of waste?

What are the alternatives to gasification-incineration?

A panel of residents of this area, made up of Shiela Downey, Conor Kelly, Marian Farrell and Dave Duggan, will talk about their involvement in the successful early ’90s campaign to stop the building of a toxic waste incinerator and realistic alternatives to gasification-incineration.  The meeting will then focus on the concerns of local residents and further action we might take.

Everyone Welcome.

There is a flier for the Rosemount meeting available for anyone who would like to download it to print out for friends or neighbours.

Fund Raising Gig

Upstairs at Sandino’s Bar, Water Street Derry.

Wednesday 18th September from 9:00 pm

“Rock Against Incineration”

“Rock Against Gasification”

Rock against Incineration!.  Rock against Gasification!

Rock against Incineration!. Rock against Gasification!

Help promote the gig:

Down load the poster:  A3,  A4,  A5


Great Line-Up:

      • Techno Peasant,
      • John Leighton,
      • Johanna Fegan,
      • Abby Olivera,
      • Conor McAteer,
      • Frank Rafferty,
      • Conor Kelly .
      • and more

All funds raised will go to the Zero Waste North West campaign against incineration and for Zero Waste.

The Word on the Streets …

… is Say “No” AGAIN!

Gasification = Incineration. Say "No" again. Sign the online petition.

Gasification = Incineration. Say “No” again. Sign the online petition.


Sign the Petition against the Derry Incinerator.

Say “No” again. Sign the online petition.

Say "No" again. Sign the online petition against Derry Gasification Incinerator.

Say “No” again. Sign the online petition.

Gassification = Incineration: Say "NO" again!

Gassification = Incineration: Say “NO” again!

Derry Air - Say no to Gasification.

A green sign of the times.


“Never doubt that a small group  of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world – indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margret Mead