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International Recycling Day 17th May 2014

Zero Waste North West launch International Recycling Day 17th May 2014

Derry Trades Union  Council May Day march 3rd May 2014

ZWNW on May Day march 2014

With plans for a multi million pound gasifiying incinerator off the table, Zero Waste North West feel it is time for everyone in this region to keep our eye on the Zero Waste goal.

With this in mind we invite you to join with us to celebrate International Recycling Day in an afternoon of celebration in the Guildhall Square on Saturday 17th May from 2-5pm.

International Recycling Day is celebrated every year on 17 May.  On this day, activities to encourage recycling efforts take place worldwide.  Each year the popularity of the day has been gaining strength, so that more countries are joining in to spread high quality information about everything related to recycling different types of waste during the day.

Recycling saves our natural resources, reduces pollution and creates jobs. It is an excellent way to reverse climate change day by day. This year on 17 May it is important that we continue our efforts to recycle all useful waste.  In this way, we will be decreasing petroleum and water consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption.  At the same time, by doing so, we will avoid tons of rubbish being generated.

International Recycling Day is a day designed to make all human beings become aware of how important it is that they treat waste appropriately so as not to contribute to climate change and to protect the environment.

With the local elections just around the corner it is important that our politicians honour the will of the residents of our city and commit to a zero waste strategy.

Last year thousands supported our campaign and signed our petition rejecting gasification as an option for dealing with our waste generation crisis. Now is the time to move forward towards a goal where waste is designed out of the system. So come along on Saturday and celebrate with us, as a community we can embrace the goal of zero waste together to ensure a healthy planet for the future for generations to come.


EU Week for Waste Reduction 2013 NW events

Sat 16th Nov- Sun 24th Nov

EU Week for Waste Reduction is promoted annually by the European Commission as a way of raising awareness about systems which Reduce Reuse and Recycle resources instead of burning, burying or dumping them.

With the current controversy in the North West region about the proposed construction of a £500 million waste gasification plant, there will be plenty of interest in the following events:

Each one has its own post with details – follow links above.

There is a poster promoting all the events.

Click the thumbnail to view  the full size poster for Zero Waste Events

Click the thumbnail to view the full size poster for Zero Waste Events





First Public Meeting

No to Incineration, Yes to Zero Waste

Date:  Thursday 19th September 2013

Time: 7:30

Place: City Hotel, Derry

Zero Waste North West invite you to our first public meeting.  It will include speakers from the local campaign against the incinerator at Strathfoyle and international speakers who can put our campaign in context.

The meeting will be chaired by Mary McGuiggan, will  have information about the campaign and how you can help and will include input from:

  • Dr. Paul Connett,  a graduate of Cambridge University with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Dartmouth College.  In 2006, he retired from his full professorship in chemistry at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, where he taught environmental chemistry and toxicology for 23 years.
    He has given public presentations on waste management  throughout the USA and in 50 other countries.  Ralph Nader said of Paul Connett, “He is the only person I know who can make waste interesting.”
  •  Mal Williams, executive director of Zero Waste Wales.  Mal has advised the Welsh government which itself adopted a zero waste strategy in 2010.  Mal has an extensive knowledge of current waste management systems and provides insights on how to drive change and move towards a circular economy with “Zero Waste”.

Help Publicise the Meeting

You can download a Flier, A5-Flier and an A4-Poster for the meeting. Please print them out and distribute around your friends, work colleagues  and neighbours.  Put one up in any public place you can.

Video Samples of Speakers

A small sample of the sort of things that  Mal Williams, of Zero Waste Wales will have to say:

A small sample of the sort of things that  Prof. Connett will have to say:

Watch this space for more details of the meeting! 


Fund Raising Gig

Upstairs at Sandino’s Bar, Water Street Derry.

Wednesday 18th September from 9:00 pm

“Rock Against Incineration”

“Rock Against Gasification”

Rock against Incineration!.  Rock against Gasification!

Rock against Incineration!. Rock against Gasification!

Help promote the gig:

Down load the poster:  A3,  A4,  A5


Great Line-Up:

      • Techno Peasant,
      • John Leighton,
      • Johanna Fegan,
      • Abby Olivera,
      • Conor McAteer,
      • Frank Rafferty,
      • Conor Kelly .
      • and more

All funds raised will go to the Zero Waste North West campaign against incineration and for Zero Waste.

Film: Story of Stuff (Waterloo Place)

As part of Zero Waste Week Zero Waste North West are showing the 20 minute documentary:

‘The Story of Stuff’

Sat 7th Sept 2013 12-4pm

The Big Screen, Waterloo Place, Derry

It will be on a continuing roll, showing every twenty minutes.  So get there any time between 12:00 and 3:30 and you should see the whole film.

If you didn’t make it to Waterloo Place the film is available online via our Zero Waste Resources section, and below:

The Story of Stuff

From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world