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Public Information Meeting St Columb’s Park House

Friday 22nd November 7.30-9.00pm St Columb’s Park House, Derry

Waste gasification – the burning issue

This event is being organised by ZWNW to help create public awareness and debate about the planned gasification plant. Expert guest speakers Mal Williams, Zero Waste Wales, and Vyvyan Howard environmental toxicologist University of Ulster (Coleraine), have been invited to address the following questions:

  • Is gasification a form of incineration?
  • Is it safe for human health and the environment?
  • Will it encourage or undermine efforts to recycle waste?
  • What are the economic benefits?
  • Is Zero Waste a realistic alternative?

Please note there will be parking restrictions Friday evening due to the Christmas Lights switch-on.  However if you are attending the meeting at St Columbs Park House you will simple need to tell the people managing the traffic at the top of St Columb’s Park Road that that is your intention and you will be allowed to drive down St Columb’s Park Road and into the Park and from there to St Columb’s Pk House itself.

Other options include:  free park-&-ride at the Foyle College site on Limavady Rd – it will leave you at the entrance to the Park; find parking outside St Columbs Park and walk in; or walk over the Peace Bridge.

 Flier for Meeting

Click the thumbnail image to view the Poster for Public meeting in St Columb's Park House

Click the thumbnail image to view the Poster for Public meeting in St Columb’s Park House

Also available as 2xA5 on an A4 page.


Incineration No – Zero Waste Yes

Mal Williams from Zero Waste Wales, speaking via an internet video link at the Zero Waste NW public meeting in the City Hotel on Thursday 19th September, said: ‘waste is a mistake’.

He went on to talk about the Museum of Bad Design in Capannori, Italy.  It gives awards to products designed to be thrown out after one or two uses. Not only is this wasteful of time, energy and resources but it has resulted in a worldwide problem with landfill sites emitting methane gases and more plastic than plankton in the oceans.

Mal has been involving communities in Wales in setting up simple systems for doorstep sorting and collecting of resources.   He gave an example of  the village of St Arvans in South East Wales, where with minimum funding it increased its diversion from landfill rate from 35% to 67% in one month!  This is good news for councils facing massive fines under EU landfill directives and a possible alternative to the £500 million MBT and Gasification project proposed by Derry City Council and the other six councils making up the NW Region Waste Management Group.

Paul Connett a professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, also speaking via an internet video link from New York, called the proposed 25 year contract  for the incinerator at Strathfoyle: “preposterous”.   He talked at length about incineration produces nano-particles of bio-accumulative toxins.  He concluded by offering to come to Derry to debate the merits of gasification-incineration compared to a Zero Waste approach,  with any engineer prepared to speak in favour of the process.

Councillor Shaun Gallagher and Mark H Durkan, NI Minister of the Environment, were among those attending the meeting. Minister Durkan said afterwards that, although planning permission had been given for the gasification-incinerator,  neither the permit to operate nor the contract have yet been signed.   He said: “This will land on my desk and I am open to all sides of the argument”.

Eamon O’Donnell from Enagh Youth Forum said his concerns are for the health of the young people living in Maydown and Strathfoyle.  Paddy Casey, UNITE’s convenor in D.C.C spoke about the 4Rs project in Pennyburn which takes furniture, electrical goods and bicycles from the recycling depot, trains young people in their repair and then sells the quality items to the public.

Mary Mc Guiggan ended the meeting by leading a rousing rendition of The Derry Air with new lyrics for the occasion – 
”No Incineration. It’s Zero Waste for me!”  [Full lyrics below the video]

Below is a video of the  complete meeting.

It runs for 80 minutes.  Some shorter “highlights”  will be available in a few days when our video editing team have been put to work on it.


Below are the complete lyrics of Derry Air –  (You know the tune!)

Derry Air

Oh, Derryair, the people, they are calling
From glen to glen and down the mountain-side.
“We want clean air and no incineration
T’is you, t’is you must go and we must bide.
Don’t come ye back to spoil our precious meadows
Nor when our valley’s hushed and white with snow.
For we’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Derryair, Oh, Derryair, we love you so.”

If you come here, our flowers they will be dying
And we’ll be dead and dead we sure will be.
For you won’t care what place I will be lying,
An Ave you will hardly say for me.
And I shall hear though soft you tread above me.
Your toxic waste, you hope you’ll hide from me!!!
Yet you will bend and tell me that you love me.


First Public Meeting

No to Incineration, Yes to Zero Waste

Date:  Thursday 19th September 2013

Time: 7:30

Place: City Hotel, Derry

Zero Waste North West invite you to our first public meeting.  It will include speakers from the local campaign against the incinerator at Strathfoyle and international speakers who can put our campaign in context.

The meeting will be chaired by Mary McGuiggan, will  have information about the campaign and how you can help and will include input from:

  • Dr. Paul Connett,  a graduate of Cambridge University with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Dartmouth College.  In 2006, he retired from his full professorship in chemistry at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, where he taught environmental chemistry and toxicology for 23 years.
    He has given public presentations on waste management  throughout the USA and in 50 other countries.  Ralph Nader said of Paul Connett, “He is the only person I know who can make waste interesting.”
  •  Mal Williams, executive director of Zero Waste Wales.  Mal has advised the Welsh government which itself adopted a zero waste strategy in 2010.  Mal has an extensive knowledge of current waste management systems and provides insights on how to drive change and move towards a circular economy with “Zero Waste”.

Help Publicise the Meeting

You can download a Flier, A5-Flier and an A4-Poster for the meeting. Please print them out and distribute around your friends, work colleagues  and neighbours.  Put one up in any public place you can.

Video Samples of Speakers

A small sample of the sort of things that  Mal Williams, of Zero Waste Wales will have to say:

A small sample of the sort of things that  Prof. Connett will have to say:

Watch this space for more details of the meeting! 


Fund Raising Gig

Upstairs at Sandino’s Bar, Water Street Derry.

Wednesday 18th September from 9:00 pm

“Rock Against Incineration”

“Rock Against Gasification”

Rock against Incineration!.  Rock against Gasification!

Rock against Incineration!. Rock against Gasification!

Help promote the gig:

Down load the poster:  A3,  A4,  A5


Great Line-Up:

      • Techno Peasant,
      • John Leighton,
      • Johanna Fegan,
      • Abby Olivera,
      • Conor McAteer,
      • Frank Rafferty,
      • Conor Kelly .
      • and more

All funds raised will go to the Zero Waste North West campaign against incineration and for Zero Waste.

Film: Story of Stuff (Waterloo Place)

As part of Zero Waste Week Zero Waste North West are showing the 20 minute documentary:

‘The Story of Stuff’

Sat 7th Sept 2013 12-4pm

The Big Screen, Waterloo Place, Derry

It will be on a continuing roll, showing every twenty minutes.  So get there any time between 12:00 and 3:30 and you should see the whole film.

If you didn’t make it to Waterloo Place the film is available online via our Zero Waste Resources section, and below:

The Story of Stuff

From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world


Dancing for a Clean Environment

As a celebration of our world and to highlight the principles of the zero waste campaign,  Zero Waste NW invite you to join in the

Waves of Tory : dancing for a clean environment and against incineration.

Sunday 8th September 2013 at 2:00 pm

The Playtrail, Racecourse Rd, Derry

Come along with your family, learn the simple dance steps and the new lyrics to the Derry Air, have fun and be part of the Zero Waste Movement.

This is part of  Zero Waste Week 2nd – 8th September 2013

‘If you are not for ‘zero waste’ then how much waste are you for?’

Zero Waste North West regard all items as resources which can be made use of in practical and creative ways. It makes no sense to discard useful resources in landfill or to destroy them in incinerators; even less sense when the effects of dumping and burning seriously damage our environment.