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Derry Hosts its First Zero Waste Conference

Zero Waste … It works and it’s happening now!

Zero Waste North West is proud to announce the first European-linked conference on ZeroWaste to provide us all with the answers we need to live in a cleaner Northern Ireland.

Photograph of Joan Marc Simon Director of Zero Waste Europe

Joan Marc Simon Director of Zero Waste Europe

The Director of Zero Waste Europe, Joan Marc Simon will be the keynote speaker at the ‘Countdown to Zero’ conference in the city on Monday 22nd June organised by Zero Waste North West.

This one day conference will bring together experts and practitioners driving Zero Waste practices in Europe as well as local innovators leading the way to a circular economy.

Judi Logue Chair of ZWNW said: “This conference will be of interest not just to specialists in waste management but to any organisation or individual that produces waste. 

“A Zero Waste strategy treats the things people discard as resources to be reallocated rather than as waste to be disposed of.  Adopting such an approach could set our region on the path to becoming a model of best practice. A Zero Waste approach provides many more business and job opportunities than an incineration based model and at the same time respects People and Planet.”

The conference will be opened by Minister of the Environment , Mark H Durkan who said:  “Zero Waste North West is to be commended in rising to the challenge. This conference brings together delegates with a wide range of experience and ideasto promote the circular economy and a zero waste society.”

The conference has been made possible by funding from Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, but places are limited. So it is essential that anyone who wants to attend should book a place.  For more information or to register for the conference visit:

International Recycling Day 17th May 2014

Zero Waste North West launch International Recycling Day 17th May 2014

Derry Trades Union  Council May Day march 3rd May 2014

ZWNW on May Day march 2014

With plans for a multi million pound gasifiying incinerator off the table, Zero Waste North West feel it is time for everyone in this region to keep our eye on the Zero Waste goal.

With this in mind we invite you to join with us to celebrate International Recycling Day in an afternoon of celebration in the Guildhall Square on Saturday 17th May from 2-5pm.

International Recycling Day is celebrated every year on 17 May.  On this day, activities to encourage recycling efforts take place worldwide.  Each year the popularity of the day has been gaining strength, so that more countries are joining in to spread high quality information about everything related to recycling different types of waste during the day.

Recycling saves our natural resources, reduces pollution and creates jobs. It is an excellent way to reverse climate change day by day. This year on 17 May it is important that we continue our efforts to recycle all useful waste.  In this way, we will be decreasing petroleum and water consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption.  At the same time, by doing so, we will avoid tons of rubbish being generated.

International Recycling Day is a day designed to make all human beings become aware of how important it is that they treat waste appropriately so as not to contribute to climate change and to protect the environment.

With the local elections just around the corner it is important that our politicians honour the will of the residents of our city and commit to a zero waste strategy.

Last year thousands supported our campaign and signed our petition rejecting gasification as an option for dealing with our waste generation crisis. Now is the time to move forward towards a goal where waste is designed out of the system. So come along on Saturday and celebrate with us, as a community we can embrace the goal of zero waste together to ensure a healthy planet for the future for generations to come.


Public Meeting Brooke Park

Zero Waste North West meeting  for Rosemount residents - Brooke Park Bowling Club

Zero Waste North West meeting for Rosemount residents – Brooke Park Bowling Club

What do we think about plans to build a gasification-incinerator?

Wednesday 27th November 2013 7.30 pm-9.30pm
Brooke Park Bowling Club House,

Plans to build a gasification-incinerator in Strathfoyle area have stirred memories of Du Pont’s attempt to build a toxic waste incinerator in the city in the early 90s.

That attempt was defeated by a city-wide campaign against the threat to make this city a centre for burning waste in a process that produced toxic fumes and ash as by-products.

Is it time to consider such a public campaign again, given that everyone shares the air affected by emissions from gasification-incineration of waste?

What are the alternatives to gasification-incineration?

A panel of residents of this area, made up of Shiela Downey, Conor Kelly, Marian Farrell and Dave Duggan, will talk about their involvement in the successful early ’90s campaign to stop the building of a toxic waste incinerator and realistic alternatives to gasification-incineration.  The meeting will then focus on the concerns of local residents and further action we might take.

Everyone Welcome.

There is a flier for the Rosemount meeting available for anyone who would like to download it to print out for friends or neighbours.

EU Week for Waste Reduction 2013 NW events

Sat 16th Nov- Sun 24th Nov

EU Week for Waste Reduction is promoted annually by the European Commission as a way of raising awareness about systems which Reduce Reuse and Recycle resources instead of burning, burying or dumping them.

With the current controversy in the North West region about the proposed construction of a £500 million waste gasification plant, there will be plenty of interest in the following events:

Each one has its own post with details – follow links above.

There is a poster promoting all the events.

Click the thumbnail to view  the full size poster for Zero Waste Events

Click the thumbnail to view the full size poster for Zero Waste Events





Consultation on NI Waste Prevention Plan

The NW Community Network are hosting this event to provide a community response to the DoE consultation on its Waste Prevention Plan.

Wed 20th November 10am to 12.30pm

Playtrail Cabin, Racecourse Rd Derry

Speakers include Mal Williams, Zero Waste Wales and Vyvyan Howard, environmental toxicologist at University of Ulster Coleraine. Representatives from Derry City Council Environmental Services Committee, the NW Region Waste Management Group (the seven councils proposing to build a £500 million gasification plant in Strathfoyle) and the DoE have also been invited.

For more information and to confirm your attendance please contact North West Community Network  email: or phone:  02871 279090


Zero Waste Strathfoyle!

Wednesday 20th November 3-5pm

Teacher’s Centre, Strathfoyle

“If you are not for zero waste, how much waste are you for?”

Zero Waste systems are operating successfully throughout the world, involving communities in separating resources for recovery at source. These systems are creating ten times as many jobs as conventional waste management systems.

Enagh Youth Forum are leading the way in designing the first NW community-led zero waste project.

Mal Williams, Zero Waste Wales will present the Welsh experience and give practical advice on the first steps. All interested individuals and community groups from the Strathfoyle, Maydown and Campsie areas are welcome to attend.

For more information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Enagh Youth Forum at:
email:    or   Phone: 02871 860377

Zero Waste NW Fundraising Gig

Wednesday 20th November 8pm-1am

Sandino’s Water St,  Derry

£4 or £3 unwaged

Kevin Rotherham has arranged a great line-up of local musicians including:

  • We Are Ariel’s,
  • Ard Ri,
  • Paul Casey,
  • Luke Mc Laughlin,
  • Caolan Mc Laughlin,
  • Conor Kelly,
  • John Leighton…

Enjoy the Craic and contribute to the Zero Waste NW campaign.

Don’t forget the raffle – we have had some great prizes donated, ranging from CDs and Tee-shirts form local artists to dinner for two at great local restaurants.

Click the thumbnail above for to view the full size Zero Waste Fundraiser Gig Poster.

Click the thumbnail above for to view the full size Zero Waste Fundraiser Gig Poster.



Trashed screenings at the Foyle Film Festival

The powerful documentary Trashed is narrated by Jeremy Irons highlighting the impact to human health and the environment of the mountains of stuff discarded throughout the world in landfill, dumped in oceans and burned in incinerators.

  • Thursday 21st November 10am Brunswick Super Bowl, Derry
  • Thursday 21st November 7pm Brunswick Super Bowl, Derry 
    Jeremy Irons may attend for Q&A at these screenings
  • Thursday 21st November 8pm Letterkenny Cinema
  • Thursday 28th November 10.30am Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast
    Q&A facilitated by James Orr Director Friends of the Earth NI
  • Buncrana screening to be confirmed

These screenings are a collaboration between Foyle Film Festival and Zero Waste NW. ZWNW will be present with information about our campaign to stop the building of a £500 million gasification plant and instead to develop community zero waste projects.


More information about Trashed on the official website for the film .

Public Information Meeting Eglinton

Thursday 21st November 7.30-9.00pm
St Canice Hall Eglinton

This meeting, chaired by Eglinton resident Mary Mc Guiggan, will look at the impact of waste management practices in the area.
Zero Waste NW
will give information about the proposed gasification plant at Strathfoyle and our campaign to stop it.
Mal Williams, Zero Waste Wales will outline the success of zero waste measures in recovering resources and creating jobs.
Vyvyan Howard, University of Ulster (Coleraine) will speak about the dangers to human health and the environment of nano-particles emitted by the gasification process.

Click the thumbnail for the poster for the Public Meeting in Eglington

Click the thumbnail for the poster for the Public Meeting in Eglington